Just the Beginning

Social media is a vital channel through which the fashion industry enhances brand engagement and marketing techniques. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snap, Pinterest, and so many more are used as vehicles to promote brand identity and converse with consumers. Since fashion is constantly evolving and changing, it’s important that there are ways for companies to keep their consumers up-to-date with current events in a quick and easy manner.

Our earlier posts talked about how it is smart for companies in the fashion industry to use celebrities to promote their products since they are influencers for so many people. As consumers, we tend to trust our favorite celebrities because we feel like we know them and see them in such a positive light. We especially love to hear when someone we trust is connected with a brand name or product because (in our heads) it gives the brand more authenticity and credibility. Another advantage is that when celebrities or beauty-influencers post something on social media, it’s been proven to reach its target market quicker than would a 30-second paid advertisement shown to a general audience. If celebrities don’t just outright sell the product, but rather try to embed the advertisement by showing the benefits of it in their daily lives, then audiences will respond especially well. This can be done through simple commercials or videos spread through outlets like Twitter, Facebook, etc. This is efficient and more cost-effective than traditional advertising.

Designers use social media in a similar way. Instagram is especially popular with designers to visually show their new product lines. In a way it is replacing fashion magazines, with it’s ability to show the latest trends and products with just the touch of the finger and the scroll of a screen. Designers often use this platform to create excitement and spread word-of-mouth about upcoming fashion shows and fashion week.

Lastly, fashion companies don’t all have the same target audience. There are many different demographics to be reached that are specific to each and every company. My post focused on body types, and how some companies try to appeal to those with bigger body types, while some are more attracted to the fitter body type for their brand. This doesn’t apply to women alone. The “ideal” body type for men has gone from lean and skinny to big and muscular over recent years. However, there has been a strong movement of women promoting body-positive image in the media. Companies like Aerie have done this by campaigning with hashtags such as #TheRealYouIsSexy.

The fashion industry has thrived now more than ever since the arrival of social media.

Undeniably, social media and the fashion industry will continue to evolve together. It’s important for companies to reach their audience by being whereever they are, and nowadays everyone seems to be online. It is a great vehicle through which the fashion industry promotes products, encourages conversations, and creates excitement for new lines and fashion events all over the world. This method of reaching consumers won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

 By: Alanna Goodman

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